Whistleblower Rights: What You Need To Know

  It’s not always easy coming forward when you know or suspect that your employer is cheating American taxpayers. You want to do your patriotic duty by exposing a greedy institution that cheats the government and taxpayers, but the prospect is unnerving, and we understand that. No one can blame you. If you expose the...

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Top 5 Myths People Believe About Whistleblower Lawsuits and Why They’re Wrong

  If you suspect or know your employer is defrauding American taxpayers and the government, and you’re thinking about blowing the whistle on them, we applaud your willingness to fight on the side of justice. Without courageous individuals like you, corrupt organizations would continue to greedily take your tax money for their private purposes. Fraudsters...

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Whistleblowers Now Have More Time to Bring False Claims Act Lawsuits

  Imagine this scenario: You go work for a military defense contractor, but soon learn that everything is not as above-board as it seems. You see your boss shift costs and expenses from one contractor to another to boost profits (a form of fraud known as cross-charging) and substitute lower-grade products for the more expensive...

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3 Tips If You Suspect Your Employer Is Defrauding the Government

  If you suspect that your company is defrauding the government — and thereby, you, the taxpayer — you may be wondering what on earth you should do with the information you have. Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve been working for your employer for a while now, and something isn’t quite adding up. Maybe...

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Whistleblowers Alert U.S. Government Over 97,000% Drug Price Hike

  You chose a career in healthcare because you wanted to help people. You also know right from wrong when you see it. So what happens on your employer’s misconduct? Former Mallinckrodt Employees Blow the Whistle CNN reported that two whistleblowers, both former employees at pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt (formerly Questcor Pharmaceuticals), accused the company of...

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What Are the Potential Rewards of a Successful Whistleblower Lawsuit?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If you see something, say something.” While it’s often used for neighborhood watch programs, it can also apply to your workplace, especially if you know your employer is engaged in suspicious activities involving contracts with the government, like: Defense contractor fraud, which may include lying about the efficacy of a...

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