The False Claims Act has one of the strongest whistleblower protection provisions in the United States. However, it has many complicated components and requirements, which can harm any person that pursues such a claim without counsel.

 — The National Whistleblower Center

Every day, thousands of American workers report fraud, violations of environmental regulations, health and safety hazards, and political corruption. But filing a whistleblower/qui tam claim is a complicated and time-consuming procedure and must be done to the letter of the law. Whistleblowers are urged to engage an experienced whistleblower attorney to try to help ensure their claim follows strict government protocol under the federal False Claims Act.

An experienced whistleblower attorney should be able to:

  • Help you act quickly to determine if it is in your best interest to pursue a case under the False Claims Act. Only the first person to file a whistleblower lawsuit can proceed with legal action and collect monetary damages.
  • File the qui tam complaint and disclosure statement under seal with the Department of Justice.
  • Cooperate and assist the government in building its case against the defendant.
  • Help reinforce False Claims Act protections to try to ensure you do not face employer retaliation, such as being fired, suspended, discriminated against, demoted, or threatened.
  • Help you try to recover any back pay, interest, and other potential compensation, and try to help reinsure you are restored to your former employment status if you did face retaliation.
  • Try to ensure you receive the full benefit of all financial rewards the Act affords — including having your attorney’s fees and expenses paid for by the defendant. The Act entitles the whistleblower to receive attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses from the defendant in a winning claim.

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While whistleblowers enjoy federal protections and the potential for significant financial rewards under the False Claims Act, filing a whistleblower claim can be a highly complex process. We strongly urge anyone considering a qui tam claim to engage an experienced whistleblower attorney who is familiar with this process and the False Claims Act.

If you suspect fraud against the federal or state government, let’s talk. We are here to help put you at ease as we try to help you determine — confidentially and discreetly — if you should move forward with a whistleblower/qui tam claim. We appreciate the struggle you may be facing. That is why we have a You-First policy in place. We will try to help protect you regardless of your involvement.

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