If you have firsthand evidence showing fraud against the government, you are allowed to file suit on behalf of the government for violations of the federal False Claims Act, under its qui tam provisions. The suit is known as a “qui tam” action, and the person bringing the action is referred to as the “relator.”

While whistleblowers enjoy federal protections and the potential for significant rewards under the False Claims Act, filing a qui tam claim has many complicated components and requirements. Moreover, whistleblower claims can require significant financial, technological, and human resources up front.

We believe whistleblowers would be prudent to seek a law firm that:


Number 1 iconPuts you first Check mark iconOffers the legal backing of experienced whistleblower
counsel that has handled
whistleblower claims
Financial etc iconHas significant financial,
technological, and staffing
resources from filing the claim to investigation, through settlement
Trial iconWill take cases all the way to trial if need be Penny iconIs a member of the Taxpayers Against
Fraud Task Force (TAF), the national
nonprofit organization dedicated to combating fraud against the U.S. government
Arrow iconWill cooperate and assist the
government in building its case
against the defendant


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Filing a qui tam claim can be complicated. It would be prudent to seek a lawyer with significant whistleblower/qui tam experience.

If you suspect fraud against the federal or state government, let’s talk. We are here to help put you at ease as we try to help you determine — confidentially and discreetly — if you should move forward with a whistleblower/qui tam claim. We appreciate the struggle you may be facing. That is why we have a You-First policy in place. We will try to help protect you regardless of your involvement.

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