Types of Fraud Perpetrated

Fraud against the American government has been perpetuated by the unscrupulous since our country’s founding. During the Revolutionary and Civil Wars military suppliers would sell troops dry-rotted uniforms, bullets filled with sawdust instead of gunpowder, old and blind horses. Yet these suppliers would charge prices as if the products were adequate.

While fraud has become more widespread as new industries and businesses have multiplied over the decades, some of the types of fraud have remained consistent, including overcharging for goods or services; falsifying billing documentation; billing for payment for services which were never provided; holding government property for fraudulent purposes; knowingly providing defective or dangerous products; falsely certifying information for the entitlement of benefits; having any false claim paid by the government.

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Fraud against the government does not discriminate among industries as the DOJ illustrates in the disturbing examples you will find by clicking on the links below. You can see for yourself the hundreds of millions of dollars companies have been ordered to pay back to the government — all as a result of courageous whistleblowers who came forward on behalf of the American taxpayer.

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There is no shortage of fraud against the government and no industry is immune. It is the whistleblower who initiates 80% of the fraud that is exposed. Still, the vast majority of fraud against the government goes undetected.

If you suspect fraud against the federal or state government, let’s talk. We are here to help put you at ease as we try to help you determine — confidentially and discreetly — if you should move forward with a whistleblower/qui tam claim. We appreciate the struggle you may be facing. That is why we have a You-First policy in place. We will try to help protect you regardless of your involvement.

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