It is important to act quickly when filing a whistleblower or qui tam case. The False Claims Act specifies that only the first person to file a whistleblower lawsuit can proceed with legal action and collect monetary damages.

What Is …

QUI TAM – (pronounced key tam) a process in the law allowing citizens with direct evidence of fraud against the U.S. (or state) government to sue on behalf of the government, in order to recover funds obtained unlawfully.

RELATOR – the term used to refer to the whistleblower in a qui tam claim.

FALSE CLAIMS ACT – a federal law that allows private citizens to sue companies that commit fraud against the U.S. government. It provides from 15% to 30% of recovery for the whistleblower. The Act also affords whistleblowers protection from employer retaliation.

In 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered $2.8 billion in fraudulent claims against the U.S. government — the tip of the iceberg since this figure represents discovered fraud only. How much goes unreported no one knows. But fraud on the government spans most industries, and it is thriving.

Whistleblowers who filed qui tam claims on behalf of the government received nearly $400 million collectively in reward money.

Even so, we know that coming forward is not easy. That is why we have a You-First policy in place, which can help put you at ease and protect your confidentiality while we evaluate the case.

Federal False Claims Act

Whistleblower relief arose under the federal False Claims Act. The Act is one of the nation’s most powerful weapons to fight corporate greed against the U.S. government. It is this Act that allows courageous whistleblowers to come forward to expose those who cheat American taxpayers. It offers monetary rewards to encourage anyone with unique information about fraud in our government’s business relationships to report what they know to public prosecutors. The DOJ is obliged to diligently investigate all allegations and has the authority to pursue criminal or civil penalties.

According to Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating fraud against the government, the False Claims Act is the single most effective tool the U.S. government has to recover the billions of dollars stolen from it every year.

In fact, more than 80% of False Claims Act cases pursued by the DOJ are initiated by whistleblowers (referred to as the relator in a qui tam case).

Click here for examples of false claims against the government.

What Is a Whistleblower/Qui Tam Claim?

A whistleblower or qui tam claim is a charge filed against a corporate entity or individual alleging “fraud against the government.” Fraud against the government is fraud against every American taxpayer.

If, for example, you suspect your employer is cheating on their company taxes, lying about their fulfillment of government contracts for goods or services, committing financial fraud, overcharging, or defrauding the government in any way for the sole pursuit of financial gain, and you have firsthand evidence to back up your suspicions, we urge you to contact us about a whistleblower/qui tam claim.

You could potentially recover from 15% to 30% of any financial rewards owed the government.

Benefits of Filing a Qui Tam Claim

People come forward for many reasons. Some because it is the patriotic thing to do to expose those who cheat the government and steal taxpayer money. Some are motivated by the financial incentives. The DOJ recovered more than $2.8 billion in 2018 for civil fraud and false claims cases. Collectively, whistleblowers received nearly $301 million in reward money for their efforts in coming forward.

According to TAF, half of all successful cases settle for $2 million or less, and the average whistleblower award in a $2 million case is $320,000 if there is one whistleblower.

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If you suspect fraud against the federal or state government, let’s talk. We are here to help put you at ease as we try to help you determine — confidentially and discreetly — if you should move forward with a whistleblower/qui tam claim. Moving forward is not always easy, and we appreciate the struggle you may be facing. That is why we have a You-First policy in place. We will try to help protect you regardless of your involvement.

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