Step 1: We Talk

The first thing we’ll do is have a 100% confidential, free conversation. After our discussion, we’ll advise you if there is a potential whistleblower case.

If so, we’ll give you counsel on your next possible steps. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of moving forward. We want there to be no surprises for you later.

Phone call

Step 2: We Shake

If you’re comfortable moving forward, we’ll begin the process of representing you.

Please note that you do not need to worry about any payment. Part of our You-First policy is an agreement that we will only take an attorneys’ fee out of the reward. And if you don’t get a reward for reporting the fraud, you don’t owe us a penny – guaranteed.

Hand shake

Step 3: We Strategize

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We’ll research similar cases, investigate your situation, and let you know our recommended approach in light of these findings.

We’ll also determine what information will make your case even stronger and begin the process of gathering it.

During this time, we will also come up with a plan to try to best protect you, your job, and family from any potential retaliation.

Chess pieces

Step 4: We Act

Once we’ve gathered all evidence we believe makes this the strongest case possible, we present these findings to the Department of Justice in a special type of confidential filing that is held securely and is not available to the public.

Then the Department of Justice will conduct an independent investigation and decide whether or not to pursue the case themselves.

If the Department of Justice does pursue the case, we’ll protect your right to seek an award. If they choose not to, you will have the option to allow us to pursue the case for you.


Step 5: Rewards

If you find yourself at this step – thank you!

By doing the right thing, you’ve saved taxpayers significantly and have made a real, positive change in the world. Not everyone has the courage to come forward, so you should feel proud of yourself. If your claim is successful, go enjoy those rewards.

Contact an attorney and get started.


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